Melbet Overview

In this, you will get a lot of information about the bookmaker platform Melbet, namely how to quickly and easily register, how to get promotions and bonuses, how to easily replenish your deposit and how to withdraw deposit money, learn about mobile applications for Android and IOS and how much your data is protected and much more.


A few words about Melbet, it is the leading bookmaker in the world, which started its activities in 2012, and in such a short period of time was able to reach the pepper charts among bookmakers. More than 200 live events and more than 1,000 matches are held daily. More than 400,000 users are registered on this bookmaking platform. At the expense of legality, one can also not worry because Melbet works at the Lyceum of Curacao and is legal in dozens of different countries.

Melbet is headquartered in Kosia, Cyprus. The company is most focused on India because it has a license from Curacao, and it is completely legal in India. In addition, Melbet is legal in dozens of other countries. Who can register on the betting platform? People who have turned 18 and who are in countries where Melbet is legal.

Location & Age Restrictions

Melbet is headquartered in Kosia, Cyprus. The company is most focused on India because it has a license from Curacao, and it is completely legal in India. In addition, Melbet is legal in dozens of other countries. Who can register on the betting platform? People who have turned 18 and who are in countries where Melbet is legal.


Registration for Melbet is simple and fast and at the same time secure. Melbet’s unique algorithms weed out bots and hackers, so you can not worry about your data. To register, you need to go to the main page of the site, find the click “register,” then you will be taken to the page where you need to specify your country, region, and city, then you will be taken to the next step where you need to enter your first name and surname and the currency in which you want to work. The last step is to enter your password and email, and you can also enter a promo code if you know it, after which you only need to confirm your identity via email.

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Promotions and Bonuses

The promo code bonus is a unique code, thanks to which you can get a bonus for your deposits on the Melbet betting platform. You need to enter it in the field during registration, or when replenishing your deposit wallet, after you enter the promo code, the bonus will be automatically credited. It should be said that your promo code must be entered immediately during registration because the promo code is valid only once per person and only during registration, so be careful not to lose this chance!

It should be mentioned that in addition to the welcome promo code, has a variety of bonuses for loyal users.

Depositing Money

A few words about depositing money. You can deposit money only after registration and confirmation of identity. You don’t have to worry about security, all banking transactions are as secure as possible, and your confidential information will never get to hackers. There are many options to enter money, the most common way is usually Visa and MasterCard, but you can also deposit money with bitcoins of various types, which is also a good way now.

Withdrawal options

At the expense of withdrawing money from the deposit wallet, it is as easy as entering money, and through the same methods, you can withdraw. But there is a minimum deposit that requires a certain amount in order to withdraw money. The amount may differ for each method. Fortunately, it won’t take you long to withdraw money, and it will take about a few minutes. In order to withdraw the money, you need to go to the sub-item Deposits for Withdrawal Methods, and select Withdrawal, then chooses the method that suits you best, be it Visa, MasterCard, e-wallets, etc.

Sports Games Offered

A fan of any sport can easily find their favorite competition at Melbet, as this bookmaker platform offers more than 40 different sports. In addition to classic sports, you can bet on e-sports. It should be mentioned that this bookmaker offers up to 1000 different sporting events every day. Not many of these companies have as strong a representation of sports as Melbet. For example, you can bet on cricket or dog running.

Types of Bets

Due to the types of bets, they are also very diverse, for example, in the best matches, the variety of bets can reach about 200. Melbet also offers unusual bets in the form of bets on politics or show business. That is, we can conclude that the variety of bets will suit anyone, even if he is not a fan but just an amateur. I would also like to talk about interesting features, such as live betting, where you can bet during the match. Also, an interesting feature is the multi-live, which allows you to select only the matches of interest to you in a separate tab, but only up to 4 pieces.

To place a bet, you need to select the sport you want to bet on, then you select the event you want, and then a window appears listing the bets you need. You have to choose a bet and enter the amount of the bet. Of course, you will be shown information about the bet, the odds, the amount in case of winning.

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Mobile App

It would be great if you could bet in any part of the world without a laptop or computer. But stop, Melbet offers such an opportunity. You can download a mobile application for Android and IOS, which completely repeats the functionality of the original version. To bet on the bus or on vacation, you only need a phone and internet access. Of course, you can go through your web browser on your phone, in which case you will be open to the mobile version of the site, but it is still better to use a mobile application because it will work faster, much less will load your mobile device.

To download the mobile application for Android, you need to open the main website of Melbet on a mobile device, then select the item “Mobile applications” and click on the “download” button. Then you need to find the file in the downloaded folder and open it. Then you need to install the application as a normal program. But keep in mind that your device must meet the minimum system requirements. Of course, the Melbet Mobile App is optimized for many devices, but you need to know that a satisfactory version of Android starts at 5 and more, the minimum amount of RAM must be at least 1 GB, and free memory space must be at least 100 MB.

It’s a bit easier for IOS because you can find the application in the Apple Store and download it and then install it accordingly, or just like for Android, download it from the official site. Due to the minimum requirements, everything is the same here, except for the initial version of the IOS, which starts from 8 and more.

Privacy and Security

Users of the Melbet betting platform can sleep peacefully because unique security algorithms weed out all bots and hackers who want to receive confidential information. Of course, every user wants to be sure that the money he won will not go anywhere, and of course that Melbet guarantees that your money will stay with you and that your winnings will not go anywhere. Legalization in many countries of the world and the license of Curacao confirms it. Each user must register, during which they must verify their identity, using a mobile phone or email.

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Customer support

Apparently, everyone in life has had some difficulties with the functionality of the website, and most people do not want to contact the support service because they can take a long time to answer or need to write in a foreign language or some other problems. But on the Melbet betting site, you can get an answer to your question in minutes. And the support team speaks more than 20 languages. There are also different ways to write a question, the most popular way is to write an email. General Questions, Technical Support, Security, Advertising, Partnership, all of these offices have their own personal emails to which you can write to them to solve your problems or answer your question. In addition to email, you can also solve your problem through Live Chat, which is on the website. It’s also a very convenient and fast way to get your question answered. Of course, don’t forget to include your name, email address, and the nature of the question.


From this review, we can conclude that such a diverse and comprehensive bookmaker as Melbet is very difficult to find. Only on this platform can you bet or humanity will find other life forms, which confirms the comprehensiveness of the company. The company is also to be commended for investing in an excellent support service that works around the clock and can receive information in more than 20 languages. Not to mention the mobile versions, which are very convenient for touch use. Melbet has spent a lot of effort and time to reach such a world level, we hope that it will continue.


Is Melbet legal?

Yes. Melbet – ranks first among bookmaking platforms, it is completely legal in many countries and operates under the global license of Curacao.

How old is Melbet?

The bookmaker platform was established in 2012, and in the same year, adopted its first bets.

Does Melbet have a refund feature?

Yes. But it is a betting function that allows you to sell your entire stake or part of a Melbet sportsbook.

Is it possible to use the welcome bonus several times?

No. The welcome promo code can be used only once for one user and only when registering or replenishing the deposit.

Does the support service work 24/7?

Yes. Melbet has invested in a professional support team that speaks more than 20 languages ​​and works around the clock.

Is it possible to have multiple accounts on the Melbet platform?

No. Melbet prohibits the creation of multiple accounts for a single person.

What is Melbet?

Melbet is a traditional online bookmaker, which occupies a leading position among other bookmakers and has more than 400,000 users. On this platform, you can easily and quickly bet on any sport and not worry about your confidential data.